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Financial Advisory Services

1. Transaction Structuring

  • Formulate and negotiate transaction terms and conditions

  • Co-ordinate and process monitor amongst legal advisors, accountants, valuers, consultants and other advisers to perform an overall project management

2. Compliance of Listing Rules and the Takeovers Code

  • Advise on the implications of transactions in accordance with the Listing Rules and the Takeovers Code

  • Prepare transactions documentations

3. Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

  • Identify a list of targets

  • Advise on acquisition strategies and approaches

  • Provide strategic guidance on negotiations and contractual differences

  • Evaluate market and growth potential, regulatory environment and competitiveness

  • Conduct industry research on acquiring or disposing of assets

  • Valuation of investment potential regulatory advice and liaison

  • Overall project management

4. Corporate Rescue and Resumption of Trading after Prolonged Suspension

  • Strategic advice on resumption of trading

  • Provide assistance to clients on numerous aspects including valuation and due diligence

  • Assessment of asset quality, investor and shareholder relations and compliance advices

5. Transactional Documentation for Listed Companies

  • Documentation support on a full-range of transaction-related documents

  • From due diligence, transaction structuring documents and agreements, specific accounts and reports to compliance documents for listed companies

6. Corporate Restructuring

  • Work with other professional teams to advise on legal and tax regulations

  • Simplify the corporate structure and improve the management efficiency of different assets

  • Discover value for customers in the capital market, investors and asset sale process

  • Create the best corporate structure

  • Equity restructuring and debt restructuring

  • Coordinate the approval of third parties and regulatory bodies

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